We take the liberty of introducing H K CONSULTANTS & ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. as a team consisting of Engineers & Technocrats dedicated to the service of the industry since 1988. The Company was founded by Sh. Yogendra Sharma. It is situated at Dhuri City of district Sangrur in the Punjab State. Dhuri City is well known by the name of CM City.

The Company sprawled over an area of 4500 yds with in-house facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The Company was launched mainly as a Turnkey Project supplier in the field of Solvent Extraction Plants in India & Abroad. Now, we are one of the trusted solvent extraction plant & equipment manufacturers and exporters.


With the suitable solvent extraction facilities and equipment intended for extraction, which we design and produce, our firm hopes to serve customers across the globe.

We manufacture Solvent Extraction Plants for Rice Bran, Mustard, Sun Flower, Soya Bean, Spent Earth, Sal Seed Solvent Extraction Plants & its equipment. We also concentrate on the maintenance and upkeep of the solvent extraction plants & equipment. Additionally, we export to every country in the world.

Additionally, We are providing the best after-sales service to our valuable customers. We also provide written materials about the plant process and equipment operations.


One of India’s top manufacturers and exporters of solvent extraction plants and equipment today, H K Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. solves the fundamental needs for solvent extraction by offering excellent solutions.

We are constantly progressing with state-of-the-art infrastructure, a proficient team, efficient services, and on-schedule delivery. Our expertise and experience make it possible to develop new processes with innovative technologies by integration in the range of Oil Seeds, Rice Bran Processing equipment, etc.

H K Consultants & Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is the well known brand in the field of oil extraction plants and its equipment.


We are constantly progressing with state of the art infrastructure, a proficient team, efficient services and on schedule delivery.

Our expertise and experience makes it possible to develop new processes by innovative technologies which leverages the forward and backward integration in the range of Oil Seeds, Rice Bran Processing Equipment, etc.

Throughout and after the solvent extraction process, none of our equipment requires extensive maintenance, which puts less of a strain on the customer. With the help of our amazing ideas and adaptations, a customer may simply overcome obstacles in a timely manner and satisfy the market’s rising demand.


Customer satisfaction is significantly vital to us. In addition to having a well-developed training program for our professionals and maintenance personnel, we also maintain a substantial stock of spares. For every make and model, replacement components are easily accessible. Our clients have confidence in our expertise, product quality, and expertise.

By designing and creating the ideal solvent extraction facilities and equipment needed for the solvent extraction process, our firm seeks to provide services across the globe. The company invests its energy in integrating and adapting our solvent extraction apparatus and equipment designs to the particular needs of the material.


With cutting-edge infrastructure, a knowledgeable team, effective services, and on-time delivery, we are always progressing. By utilizing cutting-edge technologies that leverage forward and backward integration in the spectrum of Oil Seeds, Rice Bran Processing equipment, etc., our skills and experience enable the development of novel processes.

We are making significant investments in the upgrading of our production facilities to guarantee that our products are produced with high-quality standards. Our emphasis on quality extends beyond the assortment of goods bearing our company name, encompasses all facets of conducting business.

We are doing our business efficiently Since 1988. Today we have established ourselves as a leading manufacturer & exporter of Solvent Extraction plants. we are specialized in a diversified range of solvent extraction plants & equipment manufacturing.

We are We are a team of well-known and highly skilled professionals. Our aim is to provide eminent solutions for solvent extraction. The team focuses on the betterment of the designs of the equipment used in the solvent extraction plants.

While developing our engineers ensure the safety of the workers in the plant. As well as our team focuses on the high performance of the plant by taking the need of the customers in mind. .

We aspire to be the leading global manufacturer and exporter of solvent extraction plants and equipment. Our goal is to provide customers with cutting-edge solutions that are safer, more productive, and offer the highest value possible. The other key aspects are advancements in corporate culture, technological advances, and service quality.

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